Certificate in Event Design

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  • Design a party for a fashion magazine
  • Offered by E Learning
  • Industry recognised
  • ISES Approved
  • Complete in as little as 12 Weeks
  • Benchmarked at Certificate Level IV

The Certificate in Event Design is the perfect course for those who want to add design to their existing skills. It is a fast paced course that can be completed in 12 weeks and covers all elements of designing an event as outlined in the units below. Students on this course typically have experience in either wedding or event planning and want to learn the design aspect so they can give their client a full experience. It allows them to not only plan the elements but design the overall concept using tools such as inspiration boards, design software and much more.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate and be able to use the title of Accredited Event Designer which is recognised internationally.

Section 1 – Understanding Event Design

  • Unit 1 – The World of Event Design
  • Unit 2 – Conceptualisation & Planning
  • Unit 3 – The Principles of Event Design
  • Unit 4 – Finding Inspiration & Being Creative

Section 2 – The Event Design Client

  • Unit 5 – Getting to Know Your Client
  • Unit 6 – Working with Inspiration Boards
  • Unit 7 – Translating the Client’s Vision

Section 3 – The Theory of Design

  • Unit 8 – Colour Schemes & Effects
  • Unit 9 – Design & Decor Techniques
  • Unit 10 – Design & Your Venue

Section 4 – Design Elements

  • Unit 11 – Floral Design & Decor
  • Unit 12 – Fabric & Custom Furniture
  • Unit 13 – Table Top Design
  • Unit 14 – Accent Decor & Catering Elements

Section 5 – Technical Aspects

  • Unit 15 – Lighting & Aesthetics
  • Unit 16 – Staging, Rigging & Draping
  • Unit 17 – Special Effects & Technology
  • Unit 18 – Floor plans & Design Software
  • Unit 19 – Sourcing Materials & Budgeting


Certificate in Event Design

For a sneak peek at one of the units from the Certificate in Wedding Planning you need to click on the image below. This will launch our E Learning software. Our course material is viewable on any device including smartphone, tablets, MAC, PC, and all Apple Products etc. and can be used on any browser.

This excerpt is taken from Unit 2 – Conceptualisation and Planning and is a small sample of what is included within this unit.

Course Sample Icon

Certificate in Event Design

One of the most important parts of learning is the ability to apply what you have learnt. Consolidation of each unit is vital and we do this by using unit projects and assignments. There are no tests or exams in what we do at the Academy instead we use real life scenarios from professionals event designers to allow you to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained in a practical way.

Your course will include 5 assignments, which will lead you through every stage of designing an event covering all elements from understanding the principles of design to applying colour, special effects, lighting, floral design, centrepieces and decor to an event. You will be expected to treat your tutor as your client and the assignment you submit as your proposal.

Assignments are submitted through our virtual campus to your tutor who will grade them and return them via the campus with full feedback and examples to show you areas for improvement. In most cases the tutors will also provide you with a case study of how they themselves would have approached that assignment.

One of the many benefits of the Academy, and what helps to set our courses apart from all the others out there, is the in depth feedback and monitoring you receive from your tutor.

Certificate in Event Design

Certificate in Event Design

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