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Academy Inspire July, 2015

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“Work with clients you feel comfortable with”

I have been listening back to some of our podcasts, from the Business of Weddings Podcast Series, as a form of self-reflection for my own wedding planning business.

One which really resonated with me is Episode 5, an interview with Bernadette Chapman the co-founder of UKAWP. She chatted to our Director, Kylie Carlson, and gave away her 7 top tips for a profitable wedding business.

It is always useful to hear what other business owners attribute their success to. One of the areas she identifies to focus on is finding your ideal target market. We know this is crucial but Bernadette takes it a step further and says you need to work with clients you feel comfortable with, and live the life they live to understand their world.

I absolutely agree with her, we talk a great deal in the courses about creating a brand but to do this successfully it is important that you don’t aim your business at ALL brides.  Think about your own background, where you live, what your enjoy doing, where you socialise and shop for example. This will give you a good starting point to market yourself and attract clients that you understand and have a connection with.

Do you live in the country? Do you understand the world of commuters? Are you comfortable with bankers or farmers? Do you enjoy fine dining? Are you a festival chick? Do you love the 1950’s?

You will need to empathise with your couples requests and communicate in an approachable manner that they can relate to. If you want high end bespoke weddings you will need to live that life, go to stylish events and get your name out there as someone is on their wavelength. This then makes them feel like you will be intuitive to them and understand their likes and the type of event they dream of.

This is not to say that you can’t cross over or work with a full range of clients. I live and work in Cambridge and mainly do marquee/country garden family weddings but I have also worked in an Asian and destination weddings too.

The most successful planners live a similar life to their target market. This sounds obvious but sometimes we forget that one of the key elements we are selling is ourselves and it will need to be a personality match on the first meeting otherwise it may be harder to convince them that you can understand their expectations.

There are lots of factors that make a great business and this is just one point that is definitely worth considering.


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