I know that there are a lot of budding stylists out there and if you are a student of mine you will know that I am big on finding opportunities in your everyday life to practice your skills.  Every occasion or gathering of friends and family presents an opportunity for you to put your planning, styling and design skills to work.  Not only will you delight your guest,s but the more you do it the more you will find yourself naturally paying attention to all of the little details and really whether it is a party for 8 or 80, the principles of doing that don’t change, just the scale.

Christmas is the perfect time to embrace diy styling and when I saw this post about a ‘Holiday Wreath Making Party’ hosted by Mindy Rice and featured on Snippet and Ink I thought it might just be the inspiration some of you need to try your hand at some simple holiday styling.  The party itself is a lovely idea and something that you could host to practice your event planning skills.  Notice the detail in how the event has been put together from the lovely matching aprons, through to the name tags.  However, even if you just use the post as a prompt for creating your own wreath, you will have gained some experience in styling that you can draw on later in your work.

If you do create a wreath after reading this post we would love to see them.   You can email a picture of your completed wreath to me at [email protected]